Big Head Prawn

Big Head Prawn is a direct translation in Cantonese in describing someone that is careless.

I have a year ago purchased 2 vouchers from myflippix, for personalized photobooks. I have claimed 1 book during Aug last year, and since it is going to expire 31 May, I have been diligently design my 2nd photo book.

As I was about to submit it online to order, I realized I have lost 1 of the voucher, which I knew that was the voucher I used to claim my 1st book, however, I was in denial, in hope that this is the voucher that is still valid. I took the next day to search through all my stuff, and to no avail.

Contacted the staff, in hope to find out that this voucher is the valid one. However it isn’t the case.

Finally, after many attempts, I found the receipt with the serial no of the voucher printed on it.

Lesson of this story – if there is such important thing, I need to make contingency, by at least taking a photo of the voucher, or write it down somewhere..  PHEW!

Now I can’t wait to submit this done photo book as gift for my nieces coming birthday.. 🙂

I think photo book is a good gift idea (provided you have sufficient photos of the recipient). More info, logon to –

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