Me and Starbucks…

Oh yeah… Seems like I’ve been frequenting Starbucks, that I have on 1 Jan 2011, ‘officially’ received their diary…

Thanks to 3 other friends that had drinks with me, which has indirectly helped me in completing the total of 12 stamps required, to redeem this little precious.

This is my 3rd year owning a Starbucks diary… 2 years ago, I received 1 from my BFF, Shereen, and last year, I received 1 from my client, Justin.. and this year, I got it for myself.. Yay!

I must say, that Starbucks’s diary is very good quality. It got even better this year, as the diary comes with 3 vouchers – 1 free drink, 1 free drink with purchase of another, and a RM1 muffin. However, they are tied to be redeemed only on selected date…

So for those who love to drink coffee, start early end this year to start accumulating your stamps ya! Otherwise, one can also pay to buy the diary. Its retail price is RM55 for this particular diary.

I hear differing views on whether Starbucks offers good coffee, depending on level of standard, some swear by it, and some say, no big deal.. To me, its somewhere in the middle.. However, 1 thing is for sure…their business is damn good!!! Many a times, I see good crowd, and for some, I can’t even find myself a decent seat… all occupied, despite the air-cond doesn’t seem to be working very well (this was during Christmas period at Mid Valley)… So, business definitely seem good for them..


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