My love for baking

After I quit my job in June, I wasn’t quite sure of what I wanted to do next… This time, for once, I truly acted on ‘follow my heart’… This act may seem very risky or foolish for some, but I only live once, and I would like to life my life to the fullest, and want to truly enjoy every day of my life…

Despite having a job, it is not that all person love what they are doing. It’s a blessing to be able to discover the true passion in life, which ultimately, adds joy to the journey of life.

I have since there, ventured into a online gift website business, with a partner, which apart from unique gifts, we also offer homemade baked items.

I have now got into the groove of baking, and am just lovin it…

Of course, at times, what came out from my effort ie. my baking experiments, calls for a ‘Failed effort’, but it is the hope and believing that I will be able to bake some really good stuff  is what keeps me going.

Nothing beats the pleasure of being able to prepare food that puts smiles to the person that taste it.

Here’s just 2 of my favorite…

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