Julie and Julia

A confession – I can’t remember when I last watched a movie without splitting my attention with the laptop.

I have last night told myself, I want 100% concentration on watching a movie, which I believe I could relate to.

So there I was, watching ‘Julie & Julia’. I felt such a satisfaction after I finished the entire movie. I HEART ‘Julie & Julia’. A production in 2009, this American comedy-drama carried such a witty script, the acting of Meryl Streep was  just superb and love how much she is into the character of Julia.

Julie & Julia

Being a blogger and growing love for food, this movie surely touches my heart. Based on 2 true stories, I love both parts of the stories.

In Julia, being an expatriate’s wife, after numerous attempts to attend various classes, has finally found her real passion, when she attended classes at Cordon Bleu. Eventually she met some friends, and went on to write a book ‘Mastering the art of french cooking’ meant for servantless Americans.

I love watching Julia, enjoying her moments in the market, and as the script said “going to the market is as enjoyable as shopping for clothes”. Yea, when you love something, you just love all things that comes with in, including visit to the market.

Julia lovin all the greens
I just love this shot on how much Julia is enjoying her moments, at the market

Kitchen is where Julia Child belongs to

I also love the relationship that Julia Child had with her husband, Eric. Eric is such an affectionate and loving husband. This goes to show that he is the man behind this successful woman. Nice.. Life couldn’t be more perfect.

Loving moments between Julia and Eric

Julie often having a dreadful time at work, turned into cooking to comfort her. And she challenged herself to an assignment to cook all 524 recipes in ‘Mastering the art of french cooking’ by Julia Child in 365 days, and she recorded this assignment on a blog. Needless to say, it wasn’t a task easy to accomplished, but she managed to the end, and has in turn, become a successful writer.

Julie’s husband is such a motivating partner,  which is always positive. When Julie worry about what her blog readers will think of, he will tell her that the readers will live, and life will go on. How true. At times, one just worry too much, of others….

The couple enjoying cooking show together

Even having the greatest husband, when things doesn’t go the way it should be, Julie lets her frustration on Paul, and led him to leave the home.  A wake up call is something required in a relationship, and to never take the other half for granted. For their love for each other, they soon patch things up. Nice!

Eventually Julie became so successful, and offered many other jobs – writing, show on TV, interviews…

On her last assignment ie. the 524th recipe, Julie host her friends at the roof top. I just love this scene from the movie. Nicely dressed Julie, beautiful table set-up, lights from the city, and wonderful companion, Julie tossed to her friends, and thanked Eric by using the same script as Julia’s husband said to her, as recorded in her book ‘you are the butter to my bread, and air to my life‘. Love couples that could openly confess to one another, and wish couples show more appreciation to the other half.

Julie completing her 524th recipe

Who would have thought an assignment Julie has given herself, just by trying all recipes by Julia Child and recording ’em all in a blog would shoot her to freedom? I suppose  life works in such a mysterious way. With passion and heart in doing something, one wouldn’t have gone too wrong. Believe in the power of this universe.

An awesome movie by Nora Ephron.

NOTE : All pictures in this post are from Julie and Julia’s website, by Sony Pictures.

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