To trust or not to trust

Our family maid of 4months+ ran away yesterday. We thought we finally had the most perfect maid, whom is smart enough, super efficient, and am able to do just about anything.

I suppose we again will say ‘no more maid for us’, after experiencing some unpleasant experience with previous maid which was drama enough and drop herself to the floor, followed by act that some spirit went into her body.

At the same period, also heard that my cousin and his family went to Indonesia together with their maid of few years, as they are due to all return together to Malaysia after the short trip. And not surprising, she did not show up at the airport.

I felt extremely bad for the maid when I see their owner treat them with no respect, which includes yelling at them all the time.

However, for those that treat them well, the maid somehow will ‘betray’ the trust given to them.

To trust, until one is betrayed? ;(

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