Food and I

It all started with my food blog a year ago. Of late, my passion for baking, cooking and even started an online business offering homemade items (which are also food related).

Through my experiment of food, some are quality good enough for me to sell, whilst some are still in experimenting stage.

Despite knowing, Sam was kind enough to buy my cake – a cheesecake, and cups of tiramisu. Due to the short notice, the cheesecake baked has less hours to set.

When requested for feedback, Fei told me the cakes tasted ‘alright’, and could have tasted better if they had a fridge to keep them refridgerated. Am not sure if any cheesecake or tiramisu will taste good, before being refridgerated prior to consumption….

In all that I do, I wish to at least have people enjoy how the food is supposed to be (based on my little standard). Deep inside, I have a little sense of guilt.

To make me feel better, I had to make comparison with my past experiences in purchasing cakes, which in many occasion, we have purchased much pricier cakes, which does not taste good. But somehow we were able to live with it.

Its a little standard I have of myself, to have the people taste the food/cake as good as it could be.

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