Sammi Cheng’s Book

Spotted this book by Sammi Cheng at Eslite, Tai Chung. Not being able to read Chinese, I did enjoyed just by looking at the photos that Sammi featured in her book.

Sammi’s book cover

In her book, readers are able to take a peep into her life as a celebrity, her life other than work, and her sharing of thoughts.

I love looking at the picture of her holiday shots. Take time off, from the craziness of her job.

She also had drawings featured beside poems, expressing her thoughts.

Of her many views, here is 1 of hers, on ‘The beautiful world of being alone’. She has openly in her interview expressed how dry she is, as to not getting love from an other half. And yes, there is a beautiful out there, despite being ‘alone’.

She also featured her experience helping the poor at the poorer country, and she too lived in a really small space. Love her generosity in playing a part to help those in need.

In this picture, she featured picture she took holding hand of an African, highlighting the difference in skin color, yet, they are joint together due to ‘LOVE’.

I just love Sammi, and glad that she is back in the showbiz, after taking her well deserved time off.

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